How does Eddie's behavior in "A view from the bridge" affect the female characters?

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‘A view from the bridge’ is a Greek tragedy written by author miller in 1955. It revolves around the story of Eddie Carbone and his unethical feelings for his neice, Catherine. Eddies careless actions lead to the women in the play- specifically Catherine - to evolve into more realistic characters by showing emotion of such intensity that they would not unveil in the beginning of the play.

In the beginning of the play Millers representation of women is that they are constantly desperate to the mans approval. Catherine repeatedly asks Eddie “you like it?” when showing him her dress or hairstyle she wore for him. “Almost in tears because he disapproves.” This clearly demonstrates how women in the play are so eager for the mans consent that it mentally affects them. In 1955 women’s roles were quite restricted which is why miller portrays females as attention seeking individuals who’s biggest worries where if the man of the house was pleased with their behavior and appearance. Women’s lack of personality in the play paints an unrealistic picture for the reader.

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In the midst of the play Eddie tries to convince Catherine that Rodolpho and her do not belong together. “I don’t believe it” Catherine replies. Though simple, this sentence is a turning point in her character as it reveals that she no longer requires Eddies assent and that she has her own personal opinion that are opposed to Eddies. Catherine has changed her unquestioningly calm exterior. After Eddie leaves her alone, Catherine starts to abandon her efforts to stand up to Eddie and turns towards guilt because to her “it just feels wrong if he is against it so ...

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