How does Hill present childish behaviour in "I'm the King of the Castle"?

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How does Hill present childish behaviour in I’m the King of the Castle?

Hill presents childish behaviour through the use of dialogue, description and structure. She highlights that childish behaviour is a characteristic of adults, as well as the children.  There are numerous examples of childish behaviour throughout the novel, for example when Hooper and Kingshaw fight over a toy, or when Hooper soils himself.

One way in which Hill presents childish behaviour is after an incident where Hooper and Kingshaw are fighting over a toy fort: during that fracas Kingshaw chants “It’s mine, it’s mine!”, Hills use of dialogue is interesting here because the use of a tri colon not only emphasises the intensity of Kingshaw’s emotional reaction, (furthered by the fact he is fighting over a toy) but also echoes that chant like whines of small children. The importance of this line is signalled through the use of italics, which suggests that there is a degree of stress on Kingshaw whilst he speaks, again like a child.  

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Another way that Hill explores childishness in the novel is through her description of Hooper soiling himself: Hill describes a “dark damp stain” of pee in the groin of Hooper’s jeans”. Hills use of the word “stain” portrays an image of dirt and even disease to the reader, the reader is hence disgusted. Furthermore the reader can perceive the word “pee” to relate towards a lack of control, like a child. What is interesting to note is that the word “pee” is highlighted before the more scientific word “groin”, this highlights Kingshaw’s childish nature.  This quote fits in the context ...

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