How does Major seek to persuade the animals in chapter one of Animal Farm?

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‘How does old Major seek to persuade the animals in Chapter 1 of Animal Farm?’

There are many ways in which Orwell uses rhetoric in order to persuade the audience (the farm animals). Old Major wants to create an animal utopia, and in order to do this, encourages rebellion within the farm. Techniques such as pathos and rhetorical questions are used effectively with a wide variety of other techniques e.g. antithesis, anaphora and ethos being used, though perhaps not as widely or as well as the two devices mentioned previously (pathos and rhetorical questions). The other main persuasive method was via structure, which was also used successfully.

Pathos and emotive vocabulary is used extensively in the speech. For example,’…our lives are miserable, laborious and short…’ this phrase is very good because he (Old Major) refers to himself as one of his audience which makes them listen to him. This is also an example of emotive vocabulary because Orwell could have written ‘our lives are sad, tiring and short’ but he didn’t he used his vocabulary to make the reader really think about what he was saying.

The broken repetition of the word ‘man’ also adds to the emotive atmosphere, and as old Major becomes more and more heated throughout the speech he begins to repeat the word more and more whi8ch, by the end, perhaps even evokes the word as a ‘bad word’ a word that should not be uttered, not even under one’s breath. ‘Man’ in this instance also becomes an emotional scapegoat as it were, with criticisms beginning as ’man serves the interests of…but himself’ and ending with, ’all habits of men are evil’, which, could be described as leaving  earlier criticisms and becoming an enemy.

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Ethos has already been covered earlier in the book. ‘’…prize Middle White boar’, ‘with a wise and benevolent appearance’ and, in a way, old Major already has respect from the other animals because he is a pig, and therefore clever, because he uses words like we, use, our to identify himself with his audience and also because of his age- in fact, Old Major dies shortly after this speech. Orwell has used those quotes as indicators that he is well respected in the farm, and the animals are especially interested in what he has to say because of the bizarre ...

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