How does Miller present Catherine growing up in "A View From the Bridge"?

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How does Miller present Catherine growing up in A View From the Bridge

Over the course of the play, Miller presents Catherine’s growing sense of independence in the Carbone household. At the start of the play Catherine is portrayed as reliant on Eddie, adopting a domestic role, as well as naive and emotionally immature. After Marco and Rodolpho's arrival, she quickly starts to become aware of her sexuality and starts to assert her independence and begins going against what Eddie says. By the end of Act 1 Catherine is able to talk back to Eddie and defies his orders and starts to see him as negative figure in her life. Miller uses Catherine to show how stereotypes of female behaviour are being challenged in Red Hook.

When the audience is first introduced to, Miller presents her as the stereotypical housewife, as shown through the stage directions “enter[ing] from the kitchen”. The reference to the kitchen suggests that Catherine's role is confined to that of a housewife; in addition her “look[ing]” for Eddie implies she eagerly waits for his return, much like a partner would. Her domestic role is further reinforced when Miller has her “get [Eddie] a beer” an action intended for a wife rather than a daughter. Catherine's eagerness to please Eddie is further demonstrated when Miller has her “turn for him”. This shows not only her eagerness but also her naivety, as without questioning his orders she willingly puts her body on display for

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him. Her naivety is further explored when she “light[s]” Eddie's cigar for him. Lighting a man's cigar is seen as a romantic gesture, done between husband and wife, so the fact that Catherine fails to recognise the significance behind her actions goes to demonstrate her ignorance towards adult situations, further cementing in the audience's mind that she acts like a child. Miller uses Catherine's interactions with Beatrice to show how childlike she is despite her age. A notable example of this is when Beatrice says to her “go baby, set the table”. In this line the word “baby” could be ...

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