How does Miller shows Proctor’s confession

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English Literature Essay on The Crucible

How does Miller shows Proctor’s confession

By Sidney Tang 11N

John Proctor is the main character in the play who acts as the tragic hero in this classic tragic play. He appears to be honest, honorable, subtle and solemn. He is a good man but he has done something he will be regretting for the rest of his life.

In order to expose Abigail’s lie, he had risked his good name by saying ‘it is a whore! Mark her! Now she’ll suck a scream to stab me with…. I have known her, I have known her.’ p. 88. He has had sexual intercourse with Abigail. He yelled it out loud in the court and his intension was to let everybody know that Abigail was trying to accuse his wife. Abigail once mentioned that she will dance with John on his wife’s grave and he loves John which made her try even harder to get rid of Proctor’s wife. Mr. Goodie’s identity had been exposed and he is a lecher. Miller made both John and Abigail’s impression changed totally. John is now a lecher who lied to his wife, in other words a sinner; Abigail is no longer a sweet lovely girl. She is someone cunning and cruel who wants to destroy someone else family. She is also the one who made up all the stories and the one who lead the crowd.  He was forced by the situation to do so which he regretted it.

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 In the Salem witch trial, most people confess in order to get out of trouble. These people did not confess because it is right or they have a sense of bravery but in a cowardly way. What they did was blame it on the so-called devil who never existed. With excuses, they will be set free. Unlike the others, John Proctor did it because it was wrong. He stands on the right side. He had self-respect, dignity particularly for his good name. He has got manliness which is good but may be a bad thing. After admitting his fault, Danforth ...

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