How does Orwell use the fable form to explore ideas about power in Animal Farm?

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How does Orwell use the fable form to explore ideas about power in Animal Farm?

Remember to write about the society in which the stories are set.

Orwell wrote this play to illustrate the Russian revolution. He used the animals to symbolise the main characters in the Russian Revolution. The moral of this fable is that power can corrupt anyone if they are not careful.  

Animal Farm is used to represent Russia in the time when Stalin was ruling Russia. Orwell represents the populations of Russia through the animals. Boxer is used to represent the community of Russia that did just as Stalin liked and didn’t question his word. When the dogs attacked him he held them down with his hoof with ease. “Boxer looked at Napoleon to know whether he should crush the dog to death or let it go.” He doesn’t understand that the dogs were sent to attack him by Napoleon. This shows just how imprudent Boxer is. He is not as clever as Napoleon at all. If Boxer had a brain as good as a pig he would have been a great leader of the farm.

Snowball is meant to symbolise Leon Trotsky and how he tries to do good for the country. Snowball has many attributes. He is a very helpful character and tried to help all the animals on the farm.” He formed the Egg production Committee… the clean Tails League…, the wild Comrades’ Re-education Committee” This shows that Snowball is dedicated to spreading the word of Old Major’s revolutionary ideas and teaching the animals to run the farm themselves.

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However he is not all good as he agrees with the other pigs to steal the sugar for themselves and not to share with the other animals. “We have no means of making sugar on this farm. Besides, you do not need sugar. You will have all the oats and hay you want”.  It shows how decisive Snowball can be as well as a kind-hearted character. His ruthlessness is shown when he says “the only good human is a dead one”.

Snowball’s ruthlessness makes us wonder how different the revolution would have been under him. Although the one thing ...

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A good piece of analysis that considers many of the links between the book and its characters and how they are used to represent Communist Russia. Although considering this comparison, I would like to see more specific analysis of language, structure and form and links made within the text. 4 Stars