How does Shakespeare convey strong emotion in act 1 scene 5

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How does Shakespeare convey strong emotion in Act 1 scene 5?

When Romeo sees Juliet he speaks about her, using metaphor: “She doth teach the torches to burn bright!” This suggests that Juliet’s beauty is almost incandescent – electrifyingly beautiful. Shakespeare also includes alliteration within the phrase – “teach the torches”; this increases the pace to convey an increasing sense of excitement from Romeo as he remains entranced by Juliet. This emphasised by the exclamation mark.

Shakespeare then personifies the sky as he compares Juliet’s beauty to a star that “hangs upon the cheek of night”. By using personification, the reader can understand the trance that encapsulated Romeo. Shakespeare continually makes reference to the contrast between light and dark as typically in the 16th Century, one’s beauty correlated with the fairness of one’s complexion.

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He also says the she is ‘Like a rich Jewel in an Ethiop’s ear’. This shows how Juliet stands out compared with all of the other girls including Rosaline. By using this simile, Shakespeare introduces an aspect of preciousness to love; the jewel to a poor African would be very treasurable and if he’s not careful then the jewel or Juliet could be taken away from him i.e. by Paris.

Shakespeare purposefully makes references to the physical attributes of Juliet that attract Romeo as it conveys a youthful and very physical love that requires maturity.

The soliloquy that Romeo speaks ...

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This is a strong essay in terms of the analysis of structure and language. The examination of effects of the language chosen by Shakespeare is very detailed in places. There has been some attempt to contextualise the scene and consider its place within the whole play; specific textual references to other parts of the play could be included alongside the more general comments to show a clear understanding of the whole play. A summary that relates back to the question and the key scene would have enhanced the piece and enabled a more focused response to the essay title.