How does Shakespeare use language to convey Prospero's character in act one scene two

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How does Shakespeare use language to convey Prosperos character in Act 1 Scene 2?


Shakespeare shows his characters to be unique. They each have extraordinary characteristics ands personalities in the play.


The main character whom I am going to concentrate on is Prospero. I will be focusing on his gestures and language and how this suits his character in the tempest.  


Prospero is a powerful, sharp, determined and a loving farther. He is willing to change and can also become mercurial at times. Prospero is considerate yet stern.


So how does Shakespeare use language to convey prosperos character?  

Example one:

Prospero uses similes, metaphors and detailed description to emphasis the horror of Ariel’s situation before he came to the island. This highlights his own power as he sets Ariel free.

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“She did confine thee.... into a cloven pine”.

Here Prospero is reminding Ariel of what he’s been through (Sycorax)  

Prospero is conveying his power and mercy upon Ariel. Prospero keeps using blackmail against Ariel (so Ariel can stay and serve Prospero).  

Prospero quotes “Once a month recount what thou hast been”  

Here Prospero is convincing Ariel to once a month recount and remind himself of what he’s been through and that Prospero has helped Ariel through his bad times.

This now gives Ariel no chance but to listen to Prospero under pressure and for giving ...

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