How does Sherriff make Osborne seem like a likeable and engaging character in Journeys End?

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How does Sherriff make Osborne seem like a likeable and engaging character in ‘Journey’s End’?

Osborne is a very experienced member of the company who enjoys making his comrades feel content. He is a very avuncular character as he is extremely kind to the less experienced, such as Raleigh. He is also like a confidant to Stanhope, which makes him generous. Sherriff makes him a likeable and charming character because he helps his comrades out by taking their mind off the war and he is slightly bizarre because he likes to read children’s books such as Alice in Wonderland. Osborne is also very affectionate, as he knows how his friends feel living in the war’s dreadful conditions, and wants to comfort them. As the play progresses we see that Osborne becomes ever kinder and more of the characters start to be fond of him, which makes Osborne an even more trustworthy character of the play.

Firstly, Osborne is made a very pleasant character by Sherriff due to his loyalty to the leader of the company, Stanhope. This faithfulness makes him very pleasing, as it shows his friends that he will not betray them. Osborne would even ‘go to hell with him’ because of how much he means to him. The noun ‘hell’ shows how devoted he is to Stanhope and he would even go to a place where he would be eternally tortured just for him. In addition, Sherriff uses a short sentence ‘go to hell’ to show Osborne’s fierce tone used when he announces this. Osborne also goes on a raid, where he could potentially die, just to prove his loyalty. He knows that ‘the raid is going to be tough’ but for his company he would do anything. This shows that he is very loyal and the word ‘tough’ displays how he is very strong to go through with it. Furthermore, Osborne is truehearted when he acts like a father figure to Stanhope. Osborne was even asked to ‘tuck him in’. This reveals how much Osborne means to Stanhope and it portrays his allegiance because if he did not help Stanhope out the company could fall. This, therefore, creates tension or the audience because if something happened to Osborne the company would fall, as he would not be able to take care of Stanhope. This therefore states that Stanhope needs Osborne to help him because he would fall into bits without him due to his problems.

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Secondly, Sherriff has made Osborne very engaging in view of the fact that he reads children books to take his mind off things. He is reading ‘Alice in Wonderland’ when he was in a room with his comrades because he did not want to think about how violent and horrible the war truly was. He is trying to escape the world and Swindells uses a technique called escapism. The word ‘Wonderland’ shows that he believes that he is in a world that is fictitious, due to the war being so horrific. In addition, the subtext used when he reads ...

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