How does Stevenson express the idea of the duality of man(TM)s nature through his presentation of Jekyll and Hyde?

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How does Stevenson express the idea of the duality of man’s nature through his presentation of Jekyll and Hyde?

Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a novella written by R.L. Stevenson in 1886. This novella is about a man called Dr Jekyll who has two sides to him. The evil side of him is Mr. Hyde and the good side of him is Dr Jekyll. He turns into an evil indescribable human being by taking a potion which he made himself, also his appearance changes and his personality changes. Mr. Utterson and Mr. Enfield investigate the case of Dr. Jekylls will, Mr.Utterson is a lawyer and Mr.Enfied is a relative. In this essay I will compare and contrast the good side and the bad side of Dr.Jekyll.    

  The name Hyde suggests a number of things, first of all, it suggest that he is a person who likes to hide away and it suggests that he has to be found. He likes to keep away from people and conceals himself. More over, it suggests that he his hiding away so people do not know his secret and preventing them to know the truth. The reader first meets Mr. Hyde is when Mr. Utterson and Mr. Enfield talk about him over an incident where Mr. Hyde tried to kill a young innocent girl. Enfield said ‘it wasn’t like a man. It was like some damned juggernaut’, the two main words ‘damned juggernaut’ suggest many things, first of all the word ‘damned’ could mean ‘detestable’, so that means Hyde was a person who people will hate. The word ‘juggernaut’ suggests he was something really big, powerful and destructive. This shows that Hyde was definitely not a normal human being, he was something different. Also, the first time we hear his name is when the lawyer asks Enfield for the name of the person who attempted to kill the girl, ‘it was a man of the name Hyde’. However, he is not easy to describe, Enfield said this about Hyde ‘something wrong with his appearance’, and this obviously suggests the he is strange looking and something abnormal. He also says ‘something displeasing, something downright detestable’. The word displeasing can mean a lot of things; firstly it can mean that Hyde is a person you wouldn’t get on with and wouldn’t like, it also can mean that he is a person you wouldn’t want to look at and you won’t be impressed. Furthermore, the word ‘detestable’ means that he is a person who you will hate for the bad things he had done. ‘He gives a strong feeling of deformity’, this was said about him. If you were deformed it meant that you are a bit different than ordinary human beings, for example, your body could be deformed, you could be very short for the rest of your life. So that means you have a deformity. This suggests that Hyde was something different, something that people never knew of. Science was still being researched in those days; no body knew why some people were deformed. They just looked at deformed people in a strange way; they were freaked out and suspicious. Similarly, Hyde was described as a ‘dwarfish’. Firstly, if people were dwarfs, it meant that they were very short and diminutive. Secondly, dwarves were sees with suspicion in Victorian times, people also seen them as freaks and sub-human. It was like he wasn’t evolved yet. We learn many things, about his character. First of all, we know that Dr. Jekyll has two sides to himself, the bad and the good. Hyde is a very sly person and a quite on too. Also, people are always suspicious when they see him, talking of which he is very hard to find. He is totally the opposite of Dr. Jekyll.

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  The first time we meet Dr. Jekyll is when, Utterson goes into his safe (Jekyll) and find his will, the reason why he went to his safe was because he was suspicious about the way Jekyll is acting and how he is acting strange, this is the first time we hear his name in this novella. He is described as ‘a large-well made, smooth faced man of fifty with something of a stylish cast perhaps’, this shows the he was definitely the opposite of Hyde, because Hyde is very ugly and very hard to describe. Whereas Jekyll has smooth ...

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