``How does Stoker manipulate language and form to create tension in chapter 3?

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``How does Stoker manipulate language and form to create tension in chapter 3?"

In chapter three, Dracula begins by describing his countries people and boasts of his family name to Harker. It then goes on to when Dracula quizzes Harker about England and forces him to write letters to his relatives informing them of his extended stay. One of the more startling events in the chapter involves Harker spotting Dracula crawling down the wall of the castle which makes him think of the predicament he finds himself in. Towards the end of the chapter, Harker goes against Dracula's advice and falls asleep in a foreign room only to find himself with three voluptuous women but just as one puts her lips on his neck, Dracula disturbs them ordering them to leave with the “smothered child” he provided them. Harker is still not sure if they were a figment of his dream or not.

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From the very beginning of the chapter, Harker seems to have found himslef in a very much more hostile environment then he was previously in as he has recently found himself in “a veritable prison” himslef as the “prisoner”. From this moment on the tension seems to grow in the oevrall plot as Harker’s “wild feelings” and “helplessness” is portrayed in his actions of desperately trying to find an escape. By far and away, one of Stokers’ greatest techniques in building up the tension is by hinting at the things we know will develop later. A great example of ...

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