How does Sujata Bhatt show that identity is important in from Search For My Tongue? Compare the methods she uses with the methods another poet uses to show that identity is important in one other poem.

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How does Sujata Bhatt show that identity is important in ‘from Search For My Tongue’? Compare the methods she uses with the methods another poet uses to show that identity is important in one other poem.‘Search For My Tongue’ (‘SFMT’) and ‘Hurricanes Hit England’ (‘HHE’) both share a common theme of identity and how it influences our day-to-day life. ‘SFMT’ and ‘HHE’ together show show your cultural identity is within you; it’s not constricted to a certain place. However, the two poets show this in different ways. In SFMT, Bhatt’s emotional response to the language shows its importance. Whereas in HHE, Nichols’ final conclusion of ‘the earth is the earth’ and her response to this
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epiphany show importance.Language is a method used in both poems to show identity’s importance. Both poems use a physical thing metaphorically, too. In SFMT, it’s her tongue. Whereas in HHE, it’s the hurricane.In SFMT, the two tongues (languages) conflict in her (both physically and metaphorically). The two toungues would be squashed; there’s clearly not enough room in someone’s mouth for two tongues. This reflects her struggles on knowing two languages: the ‘mother tongue’ and the ‘foreign tongue’. This is effective in showing Bhatt’s dilemma and concerns. As a reader, I empathise with her as I understand that it must be ...

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The Quality of Written Communication is also very high. Their is evidence of a great understanding of a number of complex punctuation points, and the standard rules of grammar appear abided by at all times. There is a range of challenging, field-specific lexis that is spelled correctly and the answer is kept interesting by a range of syntactic sentence lengths.

The Level of Analysis is entirely indicative of someone who is operating at a strong A grade. With only a few extra marks to be made before the candidate reaches the A* grade boundary, the vehicle to get them there would be to ensure and profound level of contextual appreciation is integrated within the analysis. It becomes tiresome seeing context just lumped towards the beginning of an answer as if a separate answer for a separate question, and this candidate has done well to try and integrate somewhat, though there is limited evidence of independent external research because the contextual evidence shown is not of a sufficient level of depth. Where the candidate succeeds is almost everywhere else. The level of detail taken to analyse language is excellent. Quoting whole chunks of texts from book/poems it not the way to score highly in analytical tasks and is often time consuming, thus this candidate has done very well to hone in on words like "rot" and "die" to show a very specific eye for analytical detail. This is good to see as it is of both practical and academic benefit by taking less time to quotes and showing the examiner that the candidate can choose singular words or phrases and say a lot about a little.

The response here is for a question on the importance of identity and the means by which Sujata Bhatt and one other poet display this importance. The candidate has opted to compare the prescribed 'Search For My Tongue' with 'Hurricane Hits England' by Moniza Alvi; an apt choice, as both lend themselves well to the theme of struggling to find an identity after being displaced from the poets' homeland. The focus is extremely good and there is an excellent range of poetic devices commented on and how these show the importance of both identities (homeland and their new home) that are providing the struggle for these poets. The focus is thoroughly consistent, and with a diverse understanding of both poems, this answer provides excellent insight with regard to the question.