How does the arrival of Eppie make Silas Marner different?

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How does the arrival of Eppie make Silas Marner different? 

In the story Silas Marner written by George Elliot in 1861 looks at the themes of justice and parenting. She shows us how Silas Marner starts off a prominent member of the community in Lantern Yard. Then he gets accused of stealing from the dying man. It was actually his best friend that stole the money. This makes him leave the community and become a hermit living in the woods by Raveloe earning his money by weaving. In the pre industrial age weavers were looked upon as mysterious creatures. Due to his unexplainable trances and his profession as a weaver he is stereotypically outcast from the community. He then finds Eppie and everything gets better for him and he is accepted in the community this enforces George Elliot’s message that children have an affect on adults.

At the start of the novel it portrays Silas as a well loved community member he is happy and is engaged to be married to a woman called Sarah “message from Sarah that she held her engagement” It shows that she loved him and I think that if she loved him and wanted to marry him he would be quite happy. He then gets accused of stealing whilst he was in one of his trances. This makes him recoil from the community like he had just been stung “I am sore stricken. I can say nothing. God will clear me.” This quotation shows that he feels like he is in pain and he is hurting because he has lost his good name in the community. When he is found guilty he is forced to leave Lantern Yard and the woman he loved. He is forced to leave the village and move to another called raveloe. This would have upset Silas because he has been used to being a prominent member of the community and then he is cast out from the same community that once welcomed him. “Poor Marner went out with despair in his soul.” This shows he was very upset.

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When Silas lived in lantern yard he was liked by all the people that lived in the village. “Silas was highly thought of in that tiny little world” I think George Elliot wrote this so that it shows in the Victorian age people lived in there small villages and knew hardly anything about the world further than a few miles away it also shows that in the small group of people Silas had found somewhere in his community that suited him and that he liked.  He was engaged to be wed to Sarah “Sarah held her engagement” this would ...

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