How has the relationship between Ralph and Jack changed?

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How has the relationship between Ralph and Jack changed?

Mubasher Rafique

Chapter 1: The relationship between Ralph and Jack was about honesty early in the book when Jack first enters the story he asks calmly, “Where’s the man with the trumpet?” and finds Ralph and respects him because he had blown the conch, therefore creating the new leadership structure on the island. From the moment Golding introduces Jack into the group he describes him as somebody who loves to be in control and to have power. The boys on the island attempt to bring order to the island and the new situation they are in by electing a chief. Ralph is elected chief instead of Jack and Piggy. Jack, who was the most likely leader, had a “blush of mortification” when Ralph was elected chief. Ralph sensed that he needed to calm down Jack’s need for power and did this by telling Jack, “The choir belongs to you.” Ralph seems to trust Jack and to show how friendly their relationship is he gives power over the choir to Jack. There is a joint respect between the two of them and Jack says that the choir will keep the signal fire burning and will also do the hunting for the group. Another of Ralph’s first decisions as chief was to explore their surroundings to find out if they were on an island. On this exploration the relationship doesn’t change that much from when they first met because of the little time between the two activities. I think that Ralph has gained more respect for Jack and showed this by asking to accompany him on the exploration. Golding indicates that at this point in the story the three on the exploration, (Ralph, Jack and Simon) are still small children from good and strict childhoods because they mock fight and become “a happy, heaving pile” in the middle of the jungle. Ralph and Jack both tried to roll a huge rock and displayed their joint respect for each other by helping each other to roll the rock over. Ralph’s role in this chapter was to be a leader and give jobs to each person. For example he gave the choir and the hunting responsibilities to Jack. Jack’s role was to explore with Ralph and Simon to help them see if it is an island. I think that Ralph is in charge in this chapter because he makes the important decisions, “…three of us will go on an expedition and find out…” if it was an island. Quote “They laughed and tumbled and shouted on the mountain.”

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Chapter 2: The relationship grows strained and wearier as the story progresses. The boys hold more assemblies more issues come into to focus. Jack becomes slightly more antagonistic when in front of the group. In one such assembly one of the littluns spoke to the group through Piggy and spoke of a beast that he saw creeping around in the night. Ralph tried to throw out these ideas by claiming that there was no such beast on the island, only “in big countries, like Africa, or India.” The talk of the beast was spreading fear and tension through the ...

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This essay begins well, considering the question and analysing the text in order to address the question. As the essay progresses the focus becomes on retelling the story rather than on the analysis of language, structure and form and addressing the question. 3 Stars