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How have John Pilger and Tony Parsons used language to persuade the reader to sympathize with their point of view?

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How have John Pilger and Tony Parsons used language to persuade the reader to sympathize with their point of view? The national figure for homelessness is a staggering 169000 people, 80000 of them in London alone. Tony Parsons and John Pilger are two men with different views on this crisis. Tony Parsons strictly believes that the beggars are worthless individuals who beg for no acceptable reason whereas John Pilger is far more sympathetic and believes it's not their fault that these people sleep rough. Tony parsons and I share some same beliefs about the beggars. It is unbelievable the way the beggars come up to you asking for loose change. They're not at all ashamed of their 'profession'. I agree with parsons who argues it is acceptable to beg if you've got a leg missing or if you're seriously sick, but young and healthy people who don't try to make something out of their lives are worth none of our pity. John Pilger doesn't seem to understand that begging should not be tolerated. ...read more.


From this point we pick up that begging is irrelevant and we should ignore beggars. Tony Parsons refers to his past and shows he is not a ruthless man who just hates beggars. "I used to give, I used to give generously" Parsons wants us to believe that he is a compassionate man and that he does have a heart. "These people disgusted me but I still gave" Parsons knew that what the beggars were doing was wrong, but still he claims he gave because he was compassionate, this technique is used cleverly to keep us the readers on his side. Another of Parsons techniques is where he insults and shows his hatred for beggars. "You could sleep with your sister before you went out begging" Parsons says begging is immoral behaviour and you can see this because he would categorize begging after sleeping with your own sister. To Parsons 'begging is like eating human flesh' or 'being cruel to animals' and he has 'grown to truly hate them'. ...read more.


"I once ended up in one of those hotels" Pilger then goes on to say that how greedy the hotel owners were. Pilger say that the owner's sole purpose is to 'collect every penny of his guests state benefit'. "Hotel owners are said to make �120 million a year" The fact gained here is that the only reason some hotel owners give room for beggars is entirely for the money. Pilger shows that it's just a lucrative profit for hotel owners to give these people rooms and that is has nothing to do with compassion. John Pilger also gives his homeless 'friend' an identity. By calling the homeless man 'friend' he brings this unknown person closer to us and then the suffering feels real. We would normally feel sorry for a person we know more than a person we don't know so that's why Pilger give the man an identity, so that we feel more sorry the homeless man. The two articles were persuasive but I found Tony Parsons article "Beggars of Britain" more powerful with a lot of derogatory terms used and sarcasm to make us laugh at the beggars. ...read more.

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