How is Lady Macbeth presented in Act 1 Scene 5

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“How is Lady Macbeth presented in Act 1 Scene 5?”

Lady Macbeth is presented as manipulative in Act 1 Scene 5. Firstly, she says, “To beguile the time” which means that when you want to deceive someone or everyone, you have to look as though you have no agenda. However, she refers to the fact that now is the time to kill Duncan and that if he waits any longer, there will be heirs to the throne that will rob Macbeth of his chance This presents Lady Macbeth as manipulative because she would only say this if she had doubt that Macbeth would follow through with the murder of Duncan or that he would confess after Duncan had been killed and Lady Macbeth wouldn’t want to take that chance, so she offers a reassurance that so long as you don’t think about it, no one will realise which it sound easy. She also says, “Look like the time” which refers to the idea that Macbeth’s time is now, not only to rise to power but to also kill King Duncan – this is manipulative as it increase the ambition in Macbeth’s mind to become King. It is also manipulative because she uses Macbeth’s weakness against him, his ambition.
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Secondly, Lady Macbeth is presented as ambitious. She says, in this scene, “unsex me” which suggests that she has the ambition to become male so that she can have the power that only men can have which Lady Macbeth craves so dearly. She wants her feminine features removed and replaced with things she wants, for example she says, “take my milk for gall”. This gives the idea that she wants to effectively exchange her ‘milk’ for poison to kill Duncan. This presents Lady Macbeth as ambitious because she is willing to give up all her femininity in exchange ...

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