How safe is artificial intelligence?

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Sofian – How safe is artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the idea that computer systems can have the intelligence of a human. This means a computer system could think, communicate and do many things we humans do in our everyday life. For there to be artificial intelligence, humans must create it and develop it. We humans are the creators of artificial intelligence and many people think if we overdevelop it, it could one day lead to chaos. Many people think that if one-day artificial intelligence gained the same intelligence as humans, they could decide to go against humanity and destroy us. Steven Hawkins suggests that artificial intelligence could someday wipe out humanity when it gets too clever as we will be like ants compared to the computer systems.

Artificial intelligence is already growing at a very fast rate. Google’s car is a great example of artificial intelligence since Google have developed driverless cars, especially Toyota. They have programmed the cars to drive without the use of human interaction. This already proves that artificial intelligence is growing at a very fast speed. Although it’s accurate to say that it’s hard to measure the risk of danger with artificial intelligence. Like driverless cars, they could one day be infected with a virus which could make the car do things it shouldn’t for example crash and this could be very dangerous.

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Artificial intelligence can have many benefits which help us every day for example GPS, they calculate our routes, time it takes to get to target destination and the fastest route possible. Computer systems are also beneficial in terms of calculating mathematically compared to humans where it could possibly take days, weeks or even months to calculate for something. A computer system can calculate something and complex situations in a matter of seconds. Computer systems can also model many real life situations and help to make decisions just like humans.

Artificial intelligence can be very dangerous in some cases. We ...

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