How Susan Hill Creates Atmosphere In a London Particular

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How Susan Hill Creates Atmosphere In a London Particular.



In the beginning of the chapter “A London Particular” in Susan Hill’s “The Woman in Black” the main character whose name is Arthur Kipps, is going to his boss’s office. The weather outside In the London streets is foggy.

        The fog is described using pathetic fallacy. In the quote “it was a yellow fog, a filthy, evil smelling fog that choked and blinded, smeared and stained” The fog suggests that Arthur Kipps’ vision of the future is blurred and little does he know what might happen when he sets off for Eel Marsh House the repetition of the word “fog” suggests it is ubiquitous. The word “choke” personifies the fog and makes it appear as a murderer. Adjectives appeal to the senses of smell, sight and taste and verbs help to convey the fog is evil.

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        Personification is also used in the description of the fog. “Fog was outdoors, hanging over the river, creeping in and out of alleyways and passages, swirling thickly between the bare trees of all the parks and gardens of the city and indoors, too, seething through cracks and crannies like sour breath, gaining a sly entrance at every opening of a door” The use of personification makes the fog seem more evil and alive and the choice of verbs like “creeping” and “swirling” also emphasis that the fog is alive and “sour breath” appeals to the sense of smell and suggests ...

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