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Humanity, the Absolute Truth.

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Humanity, the Absolute Truth Adam woke up, scratched his backside and stared out over the Garden of Eden. "Another boring day," he groaned. "Another day wandering about paradise, eating fruit, staring at beautiful flowers, being good. Oh, it's so boring!" Adam stared up at the cloudless, azure sky and sighed. A flock of brightly coloured birds swooped and dived overhead catching Adam's attention. The birds circled around lazily before alighting on the branch of a tree close to Adam. Adam was about to leave - to pick his breakfast from the fruit trees - when a thought crossed his mind. The two largest birds sat side by side, and on a lower branch sat several much younger birds. Adam frowned in puzzlement. "Where did those younger birds come from? And wherever they came from - how did they get here? I wonder if God makes the new birds and sneaks them in here under the cover of darkness. I'll have to ask Him when he next turns up." With a dismissive shrug, Adam turned his back on the birds and set off for the banana tree - his favourite. Sitting with his back to the trunk of the tree, Adam unpeeled his seventh banana and stared out over the orchard. The peaceful setting was suddenly disrupted when two monkeys raced into the orchard, chattering and screaming. ...read more.


The light reappeared. Adam resumed the flat out on the ground position. "Sorry about that Adam. I'm a little distracted today. Wondering where to go next with this creation of mine. Think I'm suffering a bit of creators block." Adam moved to a kneeling position but kept his eyes averted from the light's presence. "Lord? I am sorely troubled and confused." There was a moments silence. "Why Adam? What have you got to worry about? Just eat, drink, sleep and be good. That's all you have to do." "Yes, Lord. Err, I'm very grateful and all that... but..." "But?" thundered the Almighty. "You dare to 'but'?" Adam trembled. "No Lord. I daren't." "That's all right then." Adam took a deep breath. "Well, actually I do..." The world shook with a supernatural sigh. "What is it, Adam?" "As I was saying Lord, I saw two monkeys today and... Well, to be honest I..." "You'd better be honest with me Adam. I would be mightily displeased if you weren't." "Yes, of course," grovelled Adam. "Anyway, those animals were doing something and I...." "I wondered when we'd get around to this," sighed the Lord. "Human nature I guess." "All I want," said Adam, "is... I don't know what exactly - but I feel I need someone - someone to do unto them, which the monkeys do unto one another "Mmmm," responded the light. ...read more.


With his eyes scanning her naked form he shook his head. "Eeee, f..." he caught himself just in time from uttering a profanity. He took a deep breath and turned around. "Ooooooo... I like that for a name" Adams Eyes rolled in their sockets as he looked at his beauty, he asked her, Why is your rear out of proportion with the rest of your body? A simple reply met his query. "Adam?" "Yes my sweet?" "Please go out and make me a rolling pin." Adam did as he was bid by his new love and soon regretted his actions. Adam persevered throughout the long day with what he deemed mindless tasks but his hopes of emulating what the monkeys did were not diminished, if anything he felt that the more he did to appease his new love, the greater the chances of a pleasurable reward, and so that night he slipped under the monkey furs with his woman and placed his arms around her, she responded by hitting him with the rolling pin and said "Not tonight! Perhaps tomorrow when I don't have a headache!" So the next night Adam approached his sleeping love and placed some pain killing leaves in his loves open mouth, she immediately awoke and asked what he had placed in her mouth, he answered a headache cure, she replied I don't have a headache, and so the human race was born. The Beginning (Of the End) Benjamin Hurrell 07/05/07 ...read more.

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