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I am writing this letter in application for the position of Prefect and Head/Deputy Head prefect. I see this position as a central part of the schools foundations, traditions, and effective communication

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To whom it may concern, I am writing this letter in application for the position of Prefect and Head/Deputy Head prefect. I see this position as a central part of the school's foundations, traditions, and effective communication between students, teachers and the local community. I would like to present to the school and local community my enthusiasm of attending such an organised, talented and compassionate body the school is. This is a very responsible position, and I look up to it. I feel that it is very similar to my career path. I have always found it daunting to find a career path that would suit me as a person. After a great deal of research during the summer, I discovered that I was set to become a dental health professional. The reason that this path appealed to me was due to several reasons. Being a dentist meant that I had a responsibility toward helping others in need, being attentive, and providing care to my patients. What particularly stood out to me was that my position meant that a lot of people could have confidence in me, which makes me highly respect the position of trust given to me. This included me being a good communicator and listening to people's requests of me. ...read more.


* Due to my father's background, I am fluent in Arabic. I use this skill by running an Arabic Club, for students who are interested in learning, every Friday lunch in the upper LRC. My father's background has given me the opportunity to travel to many countries, meeting new people, and understanding many cultural traditions practiced. * Furthermore, I find that it is an obligation on me to help people who are less fortunate than myself. So, as part of the enrichment activity, I decided to help the students at Montacute. I always find this rewarding. I look forward to meeting the kids every week, and catch up with them, discuss their weekly events and help them learn more. * At the beginning of sixth form, I found that there were many pupils at Poole Grammar who originally came from other cultures. I found that due to my similar background I was able to interact with them and understand them. As a result, I was one of the main organisers involved in this. I took this up with Mrs MaIice-Goulborne who wanted to help people from other backgrounds too. I then listed all the students' names, and then began to arrange one-2-one interviews, where I took notes about all the students. ...read more.


* Throughout my past, I have never been very confident due to a traumatic event during childhood, which caused me to be afraid of water. This meant that I could not swim very well. Up until two years ago, I decided that I would face my fear as it was affecting my lifestyle dramatically. So I chose to attend classes with a trained professional, this proved very challenging to me and so it caused me to fail several times. However, I was determined and I kept trying time after time. I believe my attitude and family's support finally paid off, as I was finally able to face my biggest fear. Ever since I have learned to swim which has made me very confident. I have shown this skill at Poole Grammar by being one of the first people to volunteer to read in assembly a few weeks back. It was very enjoyable and fulfilling. I hope I would be able to do such things in future, and experience the same feelings that I did before, in this challenging position that I hope I will get. I highly respect this position and will treat it with utmost importance while still prioritising, organising and being responsible while performing different tasks. Osman E ?? ?? ?? ?? Why should you be chosen to be a prefect? ...read more.

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