I believe that capital punishment should be banned throughout the world.

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Can capital punishment ever be justified?

 I believe that capital punishment should be banned throughout the world.

Capital punishment is not a proven deterrent to future criminals.

The capital punishment does not prevent society from further crimes by murderers in any significant way. People diagnosed with mental illness would see death as the only route to freedom, it provides the murderers an escape from the mental anguish. Once in prison, those serving life sentences will eventually adjust into a routine, and are to a lesser degree risk to perpetrate violence than other detainees. In addition, most states now have a sentence without parole. Detainees who are given this sentence will never be set free. In this way, the safety of society can be guaranteed rather than with capital punishment.

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It has a brutalizing effect, capital punishment is inhumane on society. The brutalization impact is that executions desensitize the public to the immorality of  killing, which creates more corruption and homicide. Capital punishment makes society more risky by additionally expanding violence through the brutalization impact, increasing the likelihood that people will then choose to kill.

Capital punishment is inhumane. People feel if the government can kill its enemies, so can they, it creates an imitation effect. Killing individuals influences us to be in the same position as killers, which a majority of us disdain. It's sufficiently abominable ...

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