"I'm the King of the Castle" - An account of the change in power between Kingshaw and Hooper in chapter eight.

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An account of the change in power between Kingshaw and Hooper in chapter eight.

Throughout the book up till chapter eight we have come across many battles between Hooper and Kingshaw. One of the battles the boys have is one which is who gains the power over the other. So in this chapter I will be analysing every element where either Kingshaw or Hooper wins the power over the other.

Hooper is the first to accumulate the power because he makes out that he has a father who dearly loves him and that he would buy anything for him and Kingshaw knows that his mother doesn’t feel the same about him. He also makes himself to be more knowledgeable than Kingshaw because he wins the discussion on the prices of watches can be more than fifty pounds but Kingshaw does not believe a watch can cost more than fifty pounds. The next discussion though Kingshaw wins as he demonstrates his understanding on nature to prove that smoke kills midge bites and it is not the fire that makes the midges depart.

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Kingshaw wins control as he picks up a long wide stick thinking to hit Hooper but he resists since Hooper said, "You'd better try and not hit me", after his eyes had widened after Kingshaw had picked up the stick. This shows that Hooper was frightened of Kingshaw and felt vulnerable other wise he wouldn’t have said such a comment. Hooper though fights back and wins control of the power as he irritates Kingshaw by saying that, "Has your mother gone after a lot of people" and following on from that comment he says "That's why you came here. ...

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