I stumbled out of Miss Honeys classroom with every little bit of hope in me sucked away.

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I stood there in silence. All I wanted was the guilt and remorse to be free from this paining sensation in my stomach to evaporate into thin air. But it’s too late now. The deathly stony stillness in the wake of the storm is my punishment and I have to deal with the consequences.

The conflict between us manifests themselves with greater tension than ever before. Several factors contributed to this conflict which consisted of these three things; lack of understanding, lack of respect and bad behaviour. Through rebellious actions, I generated worry and concern because I knew that if I continued to behave in this unfashionable manner I would lose everything. I would lose my shine and glory on that stage in the school production. So I stood there holding my costume in one hand and my script in the other hand in total silence and shock, listening to what she had to say. I gently leaned against the piano; my arms pressed against the soft surface and examined the one room in the school that used to define my life… the room that I will never be able to step into ever again.  

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Miss Honey being the kind hearted, sweet natured teacher she was, lost her cool. Her role in school was very dynamic and versatile but the conflict that was going on between us and my drama group made her teaching one of the most challenging and demanding ones that she had ever encountered. I felt sorry for her. So I knew in my head I had to change the way I behaved because there was no mutual understanding, which to an extent destroyed the interests and incentives of Drama. Instead there was a lot of resentment, conflict and unwholesome attitudes. I ...

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