Imagine you are Planet Earth, what would you say to Humans?

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Imagine you are Planet Earth, what would you say to Humans?


 I have been in this galaxy for 4.6 billion years. I have seen countless species and time periods flash by in the blink of an eye. Then, you humans came and my happiness started to disappear. Your species caused me more harm than I could ever have imagined. You have affected me in ways I thought was not possible. Your species amazed me with your ingenuity even as you harmed me. Our relationship was not a happy one to say the least but our relationship is repairing with your actions.

        Since the beginning of your species, you have searched for methods and ways to make your life easier and more comfortable for you. You started with wood and made basic walls. Then, you placed a roof to protect you from the rain. The first hut was created! Slowly, you progressed more and more and invented more miraculous objects, all designed to help make your life easier. Your natural curiosity and resourcefulness aided you in your ventures. In the process, my health suffered from your inventions.

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        Then, in the 1750s, the First Industrial Revolution began or as you call it the birth of the machines. I call it “the birth of my asthma problems”. People from all over the United States and Europe gathered at big cities to work in the factories. I absolutely had no idea why you humans would want to work in such bad and dangerous conditions and for so less pay. Children started to work in factories nation-wide just to support their families. Factories started to emerge more rapidly than homes.

        Not happy with your results, you began to experiment ...

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