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Imagine you were a soldier in World War One. Explore your feelings in a creative way.

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Imagine you were a soldier in World War One. Explore your feelings in a creative way. The sky is murky and grey. The clouds are black, moving above us like symbols of death, reminding us of our mortality. The war planes are whizzing through the sky, moving at rapid speed compared to the clouds that moved at their own natural, God given pace, no matter what else was happening beneath them. The heavens opened and the rain was lashing down. The lightning bolts were terrifying, like knives attacking the sky as though they are determined to murder nature. Everywhere was gloomy, no matter where I look and I do look, searching out one drop of beauty to cling on to. As the bombs are dropping, the sand is hitting our faces, slapping us and laughing at us, stinging our eyes like tiny needles stabbing at our drawn pale faces. As the rain poured into our trench, the mud and slush was agonizing when it hit our raw bodies, already in pain from the attacking sores and scabs. The boards that we had to stand on were now sliding from the rain and mud, and everytime you tried to move, you just slipped and ended up drowning in more mud. ...read more.


The smell is unbearable, starting to make me feel ill; his feet look contaminated and disfigured. His case of trench foot has got so bad that he can no longer walk and just sits there all day, all night, awake, crying and complaining, until we all want him to disappear. As I looked up, I could feel and hear the roaring flames. The fire blazed and burned, creeping closer and closer to our trench. Everytime a b**b hits the ground, more fire is unleashed, spreading wildly. Sometimes soldiers that were too close to the edge would be severely burnt by the fire and couldn't move afterwards, skin blistered and raw. Thomas was out on the front line. I had been in this with him from the very beginning. I heard a horrific wailing noise. It was excruciating. I peered over outside to see what had happened, scared to see the truth. He had been repeatedly shot. He was moaning and groaning. He just lay there staring into the sky. I could tell that his life was slowly fading away. I was holding him when his eyes closed and his body went limp. ...read more.


The food that they give us here is very inadequate and it is not enough to feed a mouse, never mind a man. Actually, the mice and rats often end up eating our food instead of us! When I return, I want one of your classic meals mother, it would be most gratefully received. I guess it's not that bad being here, the only thing is that it can be very lonely here, especially now that Thomas has gone, but I have a good strong team around me and I am pretty confident that we will win this war. I am so very glad to hear that you are well and please keep sending photographs to me as they cheer me up to see your face. Sometimes though I do get very scared, but I find something to do and focus on, and I just get through it. The daytime is not really that bad. It is just night time that can be very lonely, but it's soon over and the sun rises again. Mother, if I don't make it please remember that I died fighting for our country, but please don't worry about it because I am holding my head up high and I am fighting strong. Hopefully I will see you soon. Love, Your beloved son Clinton ?? ?? ?? ?? Clinton Woollams 3-12-08 1 ...read more.

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