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How successfully does the article “Impact alert- asteroids” persuade and warn the reader of the explosion of asteroids?

The article “impact alert- asteroids” by Stuart Clark is written in the form of inform, explain, describe where the writer informs the world about a threat that is waiting to destroy the earth and explains and describes how and what would happen. He uses third person narration, involving all the adults and active participants of society to share this crisis together.

The title creates the tone and mood of the article. The word “impact” relates to destruction, bringing about an alarming mood and the word “alert” creates a sense of urgency helping to grasp the reader’s interest as the importance and risk of asteroids is highlighted.

The writer presents details about asteroids, helping spread awareness about what these asteroids really are. The opening paragraph holds simple facts about asteroids, written in self explanatory language like “lump of rock”, “they would weigh less than the moon” and “30,000 asteroid fragments fall on the earth every year”. He also presents a couple of facts in between his explanation and description like “Tunguska was caused by an object no bigger than 100m in diameter”, “they are the asteroids measuring about 1km across” which are an effective way of presenting his article. He doesn’t just list down facts or details but rather describes and blends in a couple of facts. This craft also increases the authenticity of his writing.

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After the “asteroid facts”, the article attains a conversational tone through the questions and answers displayed. The questions are answered in short, clear answers so that ideas are conveyed to readers using a lucid diction. Phrases like “our being hit by a large asteroid in the future is a certainty” and “there is no best way” reinforce a sense of negativity, visible from the title and opening paragraph, especially through the negative adjective “no” and the reassurance through the word “certainty”. It adds to the alarmed mood of the article as the reader feels the immense danger faced by the ...

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