In "A View From The Bridge" how does Arthur Miller makes Eddie's character dramatic and tragic? "A View From The Bridge

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In “A View From The Bridge” how does Arthur Miller makes Eddie’s character dramatic and tragic?

“A View From The Bridge”

Arthur Miller wrote the play called “A View From The Bridge” in 1955. It is set in the late 1940s amongst the Sicilian community in Brooklyn, New York. People within the Sicilian community view immigration matters and loyalty very seriously. They forbid people who dare to snitch to the Immigration Bureau on illegal immigrants, as a lot of them are their own relatives and isolate those who degrade loyalty for good. Respect and dignity are other very important issues, especially within the men in the community as it is going to be revealed later in the play.

Eddie Carbone the main dramatic character in the play is a slightly overweight longshoreman, who lives with his wife Beatrice and Beatrice’s niece Catherine. As the play progresses two illegal immigrants from Italy called Marco and Rodolfo come to live with them. They come in New York as illegal immigrants because they are extremely poor and there is no work for them back in Italy. Marco’s intensions are to work in New York for around five or six years so he’s got enough money to send back home to provide for his family, and to especially buy medicine for his elder son who’s terribly ill.  

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 Rodolfo on the other hand is planning to be an American, so when he’s rich enough he can go back in Italy and buy a motorcycle to deliver messages for rich people.

Arthur Miller intentionally gives the audience detailed information about their background and future plans so he can get hold of the audience interest in the two characters as their backgrounds and future plans are vital in the play.

 Miller cleverly uses the character Alfieri as an engaged narrator as well as a lawyer within the community who wisely advises Eddie to make the right decisions throughout ...

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