In conclusion Philip Dean's produced theater performance "ZigZag Street" provided the main theme well through out the whole performance. The acting was wonderful and the uses of techniques were used great. The only downside to this play was the script

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Analytical Essay:

In Philip Dean’s produced theater performance “ZigZag Street” the main theme, which is displayed through out the performance is the universal needs of all human beginnings: need for friendship, companionship and the needs for plans, hopes and dreams. This is shattered when the main character Richard (Mark Conaghan) is dumped buy his long-term girl friend after 4 years. After this painfully brake up he is given his grandparents house on ZigZag Street under one condition, he renovate the house while he lives in it. While he is in this house he try’s to get his life back on track but despite concerted efforts chaos reigns supreme.    

First Key Moment:

  1. Richard:  arrives at a café. He takes out a book and reads. After a moment a girl enters, looks around and then approaches.

Girl: Im sorry. You were reading

        Richard puts the book down

Richard: No it’s fine.

Girl: so what do u do?

Richard: Im s lawyer. I work for a financial institution, what about u?

Girl: im a student.

Richard: what are u studying?

Girl: Do you like movies?

Richard: Sure.

Join now!

        She has the Pulp Fiction postcard.

Girl: would u like see Pulp Fiction with me sometime?

Richard: With you?

Girl: Yeah. You haven’t seen it?

Richard: No, I haven’t. One might this week? Or the weekend.

Girl: The weekend might be better. Im not allowed out on weeknights during school.


Richard: During school.

Girl: Its okay. Im nearly seventeen

This scene illustrates the main theme very well; it shows the audience that Richard is looking for friendship or companionship within this girl. The technique of tension was used well within this scene, it started off to look ...

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