In my essay, I have decided to compare two of Carol Ann Duffy's poems, Valentine and Stealing.

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In my essay, I have decided to compare two of Carol Ann Duffy’s poems, Valentine and Stealing. I decided to compare these poems because of the obvious differences in them. The way it’s written and what it’s about. Valentine is a poem about the deep, passionate love of a strong character and Stealing is about loneliness, cold heartedness and not wanting anyone. In Stealing, the character doesn’t rely on anyone else and enjoys keeping himself to himself. However, the character in Valentine sounds like her world would fall apart if her lover left her alone and she relies heavily on her partner.

     Valentine isn’t a particularly romantic poem; nevertheless, it does convey a strong sense of emotions and love. She compares love to an onion because of the different layers, like how as a relationship grows you find different layers of a person’s personality. Onions also make your eyes water “It will blind you with tears like a lover” like how a relationship can cause you a lot of pain sometimes, enough to make you cry. Raw onions can leave a strong taste on your lips “ its fierce kiss will stay on your lips, possessive and faithful” meaning that the taste of the onion stays on your lips for a long time, like how the relationship will last for a long time. Onions are made up of rings “It’s platinum loops shrink to a wedding ring” meaning a wedding ring a sign of love and commitment. Onions are chopped up “cling to your knife” meaning relationships get broken but the love lingers on. I don’t think I can identify with this character at all.

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    Valentine is set out in an unusual form it’s written more for impact than presentation. She uses single words like “Take it” for a forceful feel. This isn’t a sentimental poem it’s a poem about possessive, fierce love.

    Stealing is a poem about ruthlessness and cold heartedness. It starts like someone has just asked him a question about what is the most unusual thing he has ever stolen and he gives the answer “a snowman.” He goes on to talk about why he stole the snowman. He steals the snowman because he thought it was magnificent ...

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