In the poems half-cast by John Agard and No problem by Benjamin Zephaniah the poets similarly express their views of racism and prejudice.

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In the poems “half-cast” by John Agard and “No problem” by Benjamin Zephaniah the poets similarly express their views of racism and prejudice through sub themes and poetic devices within their poems.

In the poem “half cast” John Agard explores the theme of racism through vernacular dialect in the repeated refrain “explain yuself” the word “yuself” uses Caribbean dialect to demonstrate Agard’s origins, the use of Caribbean dialect portrays Agard being proud of his mother country. The effect of this displays John Agard pleading to be heard and listened to by his readers by repeating the phrase. This is also similar within the poem “No problem” by Benjamin Zephaniah, who also uses vernacular dialect in the refrain “I am not de problem” the use of the word “de” allows Zephaniah to express his anger towards racism by using words native to his origin to make him stand out from everyday society. The fact that both lines are a refrain suggests to the reader both poets are trying to confront the people who have ben racist towards them which may make the reader feel intimidated by the poet as well as the poets appearing extremely angered by racism by creating a tone that appears passive aggressive as well as passionate about the subject.
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As well as this, both poems exploit the theme of being incomplete, in the quote “yu put me in a pigeon hole but I am versatile” Zephaniah uses a metaphor to suggest comparing himself being isolated because he has no skills or is viewed as half a person, which is similar to the poem “half cast”, to being placed in a pigeon hole the effect of this metaphor is powerful because it allows the reader to visualise the emotional effects Racism by comparing it to something understandable. Correspondingly the title “half cast” uses the word “half” to display ...

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