"In 'The Stag' Hughes seems to comment on man's relationships with nature" With reference to 'The Stag' and one other poem in the section discuss the poet's treatment of conflict between man and nature.

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Andrew Pitt

“In ‘The Stag’ Hughes seems to comment on man’s relationships with nature” With reference to ‘The Stag’ and one other poem in the section discuss the poet’s treatment of conflict between man and nature.

The Stag was written by a poet named Ted Hughes and is similar to the poem Roe-Deer in many respects because they feature many similar ideas. The poem is about the distant relationship between humans and nature, in this case it is a Stag the represents the natural side and its actions compared to the humans and their actions. The whole story of the poem is portraying a negative image as it is about horsemen hunting the stag with hounds. The hunting of such a beautiful creature just shows us how cruel we are as a race and how unnecessary it is for us to be hunting such an animal and this poem helps us realise that this is going on all the time and it is just a reminder. The idea of the distant relationship is shown when it says “the stag loped through his favourite valley” tells us that he is the only person who is in that forest usually.

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Ted Hughes expresses part of his feeling as he says “pulled aside the camouflage of their terrible planet” this tells us that he sympathises with the stag and is disgusted at our behaviour. It is also interesting that the animals who have been brought into are world have also been turned barbaric, such as the hounds which have been taught to hunt the stag for no reason as it does not need to kill it for survival reasons it is just doing it through command of the hunters. The poem also portrays the Stags innocence and helplessness by using phrases ...

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