In what Way Does Priestly Present The Conflict Between The Classes In This Play?

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In what Way Does Priestly Present The Conflict Between The Classes In This Play?

I am writing an essay based on the title question” In what ways does Priestly present the conflict between the classes in this play ”I am studying the text: “An Inspector calls” written by JB Priestly. I have organized my ideas in a detailed response. By first making a point then focusing on a quote from either of these pages: 2 and 46 and concluding with some analysis relating back to the essay question.

  I perceive Conflict as a disagreement, argument or battle. It can be perceived as either internal or external. Internal conflict is often conflict within an individual often emotional or turmoil, In comparison to external conflict, which is between individuals, groups or a society.

Conflict is very important within a play as it depends on conflict and tension to involve it’s audience, challenging and hiding their attention, because we are all experienced with some sort of tension in our lives. We are able to identify with the feelings of the characters we see before us even if the details of the situation are foreign to us.

Alcohol is a theme introduced very early on in the play. Causing both internal and external conflict. Alcohol is first introduced by Birling.

“Giving us the port Edna”(Pushing it to Eric)

The fact that alcohol was introduced so early on in the play shows that conflict will evolve rapidly, as the characters seem to possess an honest, laid back attitude. The fact that Birling pushes it to Eric when the theme of alcohol is first introduced instantly shows the audience that Eric likes to drink. Alcohol also shows that the Birling value alcohol very highly and in-corporate it into their lives a lot, this is also shown when Sheila states

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“Yes go on mummy you must drink our health”

This quote emphasizes to the reader again the importance of alcohol to the Birling family and shows that they use alcohol to symbolize their social status.

Sheila later on implies that Eric is drunk and is very aware of Eric’s drinking problem.

“You’re squiffy”

This creates some tension between the two, as Sheila doesn’t particularly like Eric’s character when he is “squiffy”. She then goes on to say

“Don’t be an ass”

This implies that Sheila is annoyed with Eric’s behavior. Alcohol is ...

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