Is Alan Ayckbourn(TM)s A talk in the park(TM) a play of it(TM)s time, or can audiences still relate to it(TM)s characters today?

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Is Alan Ayckbourn’s ‘A talk in the park’ a play of it’s time, or can audiences still relate to it’s characters today?

‘A talk in the park’ is a play of both times. I believe this because times do not seem any different from the play to today. People on the play have near enough the same problems as people nowadays have. This shows that the way people are hasn’t changed since the 1970’s. The main thing to have changed over that period of time is technology. However there is nothing suggesting technology in the play. It seems as if Alan Ayckbourn has blocked any references of technology so he can let the future audiences of the script able to relate to the characters. The people in the park are a basically a wide variety of lifestyles and opinions of what we have in modern days.

In ‘A talk in the park’ the stage directions are very simplistic. I believe this is because Alan Ayckbourn tried to avoid giving away the sense of time by not including technology, as there is nothing to depict time. The stage directions just give you an idea on what certain characters are doing such as ‘(He sits)’. The simple use of stage directions also allows the audience to make their own interpretations. They make the setting sound simple aswell as they only allow you to imagine benches. Personally I think of a park I’ve been to before and can picture a few tree’s, bins and benches in a circular form. Once again this helps both contemporary and modern audiences to relate to the characters.

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Also the nouns used are very simple, ‘a business man’ this just gives us a vague picture on what the characters look like.

The characters in ‘A talk in the park’ are what I believe to be everyday citizens of our country. First off Arthur seems like someone who used to love being young. I believe this because he says ‘Student, I bet…. Always tell a student.’ Even though he is wrong. This then actually makes me think, ‘aww he just wants to chat’.

 However Beryl seems slightly rude in this scene. She then turns out to be a ...

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