Is creativity needed in the world more than ever today?

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Is creativity needed in the world more than ever today?

Creativity drives progress. The human population is now at a time when breakthroughs are not the only factor for success and progress. Breakthroughs now have to be coupled together with creativity, so that the best outcome can be produced. This is because creativity makes breakthroughs valuable, as creativity is basically using resources to create a better outcome. Technology such motion sensors and scientific breakthroughs, for example genetic engineering, show that this statement is true.

Motion sensors have been a commonly used technology for some time now. A company called leap-motion is now cameras that sense hand motions i.e. gestures and by using this motions, they can empower different type of applications (of phones, tablets and computers) which result in a totally different consumer experience. The company's creativity has led to the opening of a different corner of the technology market. We can see that by incorporating creativity with technology, they have created a new market and a lot of revenue for themselves.

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Furthermore, genetic engineering is a concept and methodology that has been used in years to make genetically engineered bacteria which produce insulin for diabetic patients. Genetic engineering has paved in new ways of production, but otherwise it hasn't been successfully incorporated into other fields until recently. A group of students of Wisconsin University experimented with genetically engineered bacteria to make bulbs. They engineered two sets of bacteria, one set that is engineered to make light, and the other is engineered to take the waste of the other set of bacteria and convert into food which can be recycled by ...

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