Is education primarily the result of influences other than school

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Is education primarily the result of influences other than school.

Education is the manifestation of knowledge embedded in men. Therefore, education is not only what is taught in school, but also the knowledge that is gained by one during extracurricular activities of all kind. The life of many great people has shown that school is not the primary influence that results in education. William Shakespeare, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford dropped out of school at a young age. However, they were successful in later life, even though their primary source of education wasn't school.

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Not all of one's education is gained only going to schools, because there are other resources where one can get materials to study a particular subject. For example, library is a source of information. It is possible to go to the library, select a certain or range of books that will provide one with the information he or she wants to gain, and get educated. The internet is also a great medium to attain education. The previous two mediums prove that school is not the primary resource to gain education. In fact, much of the information taught in school ...

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