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Is School Uniform necessary for high school students?

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Is School Uniform necessary for high school students? As the world is growing more diverse by minute and the schools are helping children (students) to understand and accept the diversity in our society. The idea of having school uniforms only emphasises conformity. Many of those who oppose uniform also say that those students are deprived to make their own choices and set limits for themselves. I do think that young people should be able to choose their own clothes. It prepares the children for adulthood and also gives them the sense of matuarity. Some students like the dress code. They think it relieves peer pressure on fashion issues. While some students claim the school uniforms violate First Amendment rights of expression or prohibit individuality. Some schools have a very strict dress code, while others offer students to make their own choices regarding their uniform from their wardrobes. ...read more.


In some ways wearing uniforms can also be good. It takes away the feeling of envy between peers. A uniform assists the students achieve academically better. Students focus more on their education rather than on deciding what to wear. Besides eliminating distraction, uniforms force students to take school atmosphere more critically. Kids tend to be misapprehended and mocked by peers due to the type of garments they might wear. Consequently, uniforms decrease social clashes and violence in the schools. One of the most insightful advantages of having schools uniforms is that they are extremely cost effectual and alleviate the parents from the trouble of purchasing trendy and costly garments frequently. When students wear school uniforms they improve test scores and attendance. With the test scores going up that means more students get degrees (Graduate). With every one that is wearing the same clothes it make it harder for kids to bully. ...read more.


School uniforms plus ?regular clothing? for activities outside of school can leave families broke. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have argued that many parents cannot afford to buy school uniforms. So what happens if families cannot afford these uniforms and there is a mandatory policy? Well, they will have to borrow money from friends or family members. THEN HOW ARE YOU GOING TO SCHOOL!!!!! What if your afraid that a dude will look up your skirt. Then talk to a teacher about wearing pants or tights or leggings. When you wear a uniform it keeps your mind on your work. Most of us students think about stile instead of paying attention to the work in front of us. If you think that a uniforms take away your personality you aren?t that interesting. If a 100 People stand in a room wearing all the same clothes, they are all different. How? They way they stand and carry themselves. Some one who is individual doesn?t need clothes to stand out. They can stand out on their own. Sources used ...read more.

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