Is School Uniform necessary for high school students?

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Is School Uniform necessary for high school students?

As the world is growing more diverse by minute and the schools are helping children (students) to understand and accept the diversity in our society. The idea of having school uniforms only emphasises conformity. Many of those who oppose uniform also say that those students are deprived to make their own choices and set limits for themselves. I do think that young people should be able to choose their own clothes. It prepares the children for adulthood and also gives them the sense of matuarity.

Some students like the dress code. They think it relieves peer pressure on fashion issues. While some students claim the school uniforms violate First Amendment rights of expression or prohibit individuality. Some schools have a very strict dress code, while others offer students to make their own  choices regarding their uniform from their wardrobes. 

Wearing uniforms subtracts students’ liberty to take decision. It doesn’t let students feel distinctive and unique. Another reason why school uniforms are being pushed throughout high schools is to equalize status. To me, school uniforms do no equalize status in schools, especially high schools. You’re going to know who is rich and who is not by the jewelry, shoes, car they drive, or accessories a students wears.

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Finally uniforms can be an financial burden on families . Families have to buy  the school uniform plus all other clothes needed for outside activities. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have argued that many parents cannot afford to buy school uniforms. So what happens if families cannot afford these uniforms and there is a mandatory policy? Well, they will have to borrow money from friends or family members.
School uniforms hinder the need for the self expression of a kid. Sociologists claim that it may cause unsuitable ways of expression by kids, such as offensive usage of makeup and jewelry.


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