Jane Eyre-Red room English essay

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Jane Eyre-Red room English essay

The red room is described as a spare chamber, ‘very seldom’-never slept in, a large and stately chamber. There is a bed supported by ‘massive’ pillars of mahogany hung with curtains of ‘deep red damask’ stood ‘like a tabernacle’ in the centre. There are two ‘’large’ windows- blinds always down, ‘shrouded with festoons’ and the carpet is ‘red’ also. There is a table at the foot of the bed covered with ‘crimson’ cloth. The walls are a ‘soft fawn’ colour (soft creamy green) with a ‘blush of pink’. The wardrobe, toilet-table and chairs are all- ‘darkly polished old mahogany’. The mattresses and pillows of the bed are ‘glared white’ and ‘piled up’ spread with a ‘snowy Marseilles counterpane’. There is a ‘scarcely less prominent ample cushioned easy-chair near the head of the bed, also white, with a footstool before it’ looking like a ‘pale throne’.

Charlotte Bronte is emphasizing the colours in the room. The room is made up of very dark reds, grand, blood colours with a contrast of white. The room glimmers with red glow. She focuses on the glowing white objects. She is trying to make an impression on the reader of intense, blood drenched, heavy and spiritual feelings as the white bed glows at Jane.

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Bronte is also emphasizing the size of the room and the furniture-“festooned” and “ample”. She is also trying to emphasise the fact that the room is very rarely slept in.

Charlotte Bronte uses short phrases separated by semi-colons in this paragraph describing the red room and with each paragraph she builds up more and more detail. This creates a heavy impression. She uses similes-‘like a tabernacle’ and a tabernacle is religious, spiritual and you are not aloud to touch it so its like Jane cannot touch the bed  or be near it also ‘like a pale throne’.

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