Knowing a second language or sometimes more is definitely a plus, an advantage! It may ensure better job, a better pay, or new opportunities.

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        The language is very important in any culture. Not only is it a means of communicating thoughts and ideas, it forges friendships,cultural ties, and economic relationships. Languages shape the way people perceive the world and it also provides help to define culture of any society. Words are powerful things.

        The language of one country is different from other country an example is in the United states and Mexico. In United States it's important for a person to speak English fluently because it is the official language in America and everybody communicates in English. Many people believe that English should be the only language in America and that sometimes people may face prejudice when they speak English with an accent. For some parents, the fear of prejudice makes them decided not to teach their children their native tongue.  

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        The benefits of know another language. One of the benefits is when you go to different  schools or universities in another country. Know different languages helps to person understand everything about our world through multiple perspectives. We are open to a much broader and profound view when we have multiple ways understanding our world.

        Another benefits is when you need to get a job. The people  also have a lot of opportunities in the service industry as well. Call centers are always actively looking for people who can speak two languages. This means that if you are a student ...

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