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La belle dame sans merci.

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La belle dame sans merci La belle dame is a story of an abnormal woman who conquers the dreams of a knight by taking him out of the real world through her unusual ways and passionate charms. In my opinion this poem and various other poems by Keats really mystify me. Because in his biographical details it is mentioned that he did not like the company of young women. He also said that most of his poems where written for goddesses and temptresses (seductive women). Funnily enough Mr. Keats met fanny Brawne in September 1818 who was eighteen at the time. He described love as an illness that only Brawne could cure. "La belle dame sans merci". Is a ballad written by john Keats in 1819. The title (The Beautiful Lady without Pity) the lady with no shame. Makes the audience want to read the ballad. Because it creates pictures in the readers mind of love hatred and dishonesty. I think this is what persuades many people to read Keats's ballads. In the I and II stanza the knights physical and mental being is questioned. ...read more.


In the fourth stanza the knight meats a beautiful women. He quotes that she was a "faery's child". This shows that he thought of her as a supernatural being. Someone of who was out of this world she was perfect. He felt that he was being rescued by this woman as she was supernatural. a faery's child is also known as someone who has been gifted with energy and charm but has many meanings. Then he goes on to claim that her "eyes where wild". She was sexually active and had no boundaries. This links with porphyries lover porphyria had crossed the limits and lost her purity. This verse relates with the next stanza. The belle dame is wild she is almost like an animal he has to control her by tying her up. "I made a garland for her head, And bracelets too." He is trying to be dominant over her but has fallen too deeply in her love. This is different to my last duchess where the female character is obsessed with life whereas in this case the woman is making the most of what the male offers her. ...read more.


This ballad demonstrates that men in the Victorian times where very narrow minded. Like the duke they would make love with a beautiful women and not know there innersoles. But the knight in this poem was very warm hearted compared to his wife who was in control. The knight had too deeply fallen in love with her. She had her own collection just like the duke who collected women. She had previously made love with kings and princes. Which the knight was obviously not this also indicated that love would not last. He was her entertainer but was not strong enough to be dominant throughout the poem. He had attempted by using personal pronouns but failed as love was too strong. I think that Keats had a passion for young women but covered it from the rest of society. He said that he felt awkward in the presence of a young woman. But In this poem the woman was a goddess of who are young and hansom. This poem also illustrates that women could be dominant and be in control. John Keats has shown love as a illness that every man needed to live. ...read more.

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