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Lamb to the Slaughter and Vendetta

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In this assignment I am going to compare and contrast two different stories, which are Lamb to the Slaughter and Vendetta. Vendetta was written in the late 19th century and Lamb to the Slaughter was written around the 1940's. The author of Vendetta is Guy De Maupassant and the author of Lamb to the Slaughter is Roald Dahl. Lamb to the Slaughter takes place in America. In the story it doesn't actually say where the story is set but in my opinion I think it was set in America because the word precinct is used a number of times and the word precinct is an America word which isn't used in this country. The word precinct means Police Station and it is used a lot in New York so I also think that the story is set in the city of New York. In my opinion I think that the story is also set in the evening I get this impression because at the start of the story these word are used "The room was warm and clean, the curtains drawn, the two table lamps alight" this little sentence is what gives me the impression of a warm evening. Also when I read this sentence I picture in my mind a room and in that room a log fire which is alight and at either side of the fire two little tables with lamps on them which are also alight and to the side a window which you can only see out of slightly because the curtains are drawn. Through this little gap in the curtains I also picture snow falling. I get this impression through that one sentence: "The room was warm and clean, the curtains drawn, the two table lamps alight" Vendetta is set in Sardinia at a little village on a mountain which overhangs by the sea. This little village is known as Bonifacio. ...read more.


She also goes on to tell the worker that her husband doesn't want to eat out that night so she proceeds to ask him for various items of food. She also goes on to start a conversation with him about food and cooking and her husband. When she leaves the shop it says in the story that she "put on her brightest smile and said "thank you Sam Good night" This will also of fooled the shop worker in thinking that everything is alright with her and her husband. She also manages to fool he self into thinking nothing has happened because she tidied up her face and practised smiling and she kept thinking to her self that nothing had happened. - Both the women in the stories used animals as weapons but in different ways. In Lamb to the Slaughter Mary used a dead lambs leg to hit her husband with and in Vendetta the widow used and trained her dog to kill and she used it to kill Nicholas Ravolati. - Both of the stories show how determined the women are. In Vendetta it shows that the widow is determined by the way she spends time in planning the murder and in training her dog to kill. In Lamb to the Slaughter it's a different kind of determinacy because in this story Mary is determined not to kill but to tell her self that everything is fine and to show every one how much she loved her husband and she is determined to seem happy to her friends before the police are actually contacted (her friends being the worker in the shop - Sam). - Both of the women are content by the end of the story. By this I mean that the women are happy with the outcome of the situation. They didn't get caught of arrested so they are happy with the outcome. ...read more.


This description is in a way similar to the one from Vendetta but on the other hand it is very much different. My reasons for me thinking this are: - For the descriptions being the same: A change in subject occurs throughout the description - For the descriptions being different The vendetta description changes it topic very quickly it gives a good description of on thing then it changes and describes another so you really get a good picture in your mind of the place of which the story is set. This kind of description doesn't occur in the description above that is from Lamb to the Slaughter. Out of these two stories Vendetta and Lamb to the Slaughter I Believe that the best story/most-interesting story out of them both is Vendetta. I think this because the way in which you can easily fully understand the story by the very good detailed description given and the way that the murder was carried out. By this I mean that the widow handled and planned everything very well, the way she took time in training the dog and in planning when to act give the story that little extra buzz I was always wondering throughout this story what was going to happen next. In my opinion I was that impressed with the murder and how it was planned etc if the widow was to be real then if I knew her I would certainly make sure not to get on the wrong side of her or her dog. If I was to recommend this story to someone I would say that it is an excellent short story to read and it keeps you in suspense all the way through by the training of the dog and the planning of the murder. I would recommend for this story to be read by people/teenagers of no younger than the age of 14 as the act at the end of the story may be disturbing to some people. ?? ?? ?? ?? Wide Reading Assignment. Mark Duffy 11C Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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