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Letter of apology of Carol to Mr Briggs - Our Day Out

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Dear Mr Briggs, I'm writing you this letter to tell you how thankful I am for the 'lesson' that you taught me on the cliff last Sunday. First, I am sorry for putting you in such a dilemmatic situation. I know you must have been really enraged. I know you must have a hard time trying to control your wrath. I know you must have hated me so much for my silliness. Hence, now, I want to send you a letter of apology with my greatest sincerity. I wasn't out to the cliff for no reason. I had been through the hardest time in my life. My brother had had a car accident. Although he was taken to the hospital, the doctors refused to rescue him because we had no money to pay them. ...read more.


I kept thinking about that during the trip. When we got to the beach, I found the place. A perfect place for me: the cliff. I had the opportunity to separate from the group when Mrs Kay asked me to go and look for Susan. As you know, instead of looking for her, I went straight off to the cliff. I began to watch the waves under the warm sun and enjoyed the gentle breeze. That was the best moment in my life. It was a moment of absolute placidity. It seemed like there was nothing left in the world to worry about. I said to myself, "Carol, let's stay here forever. Never come back to that living h**l again." ...read more.


Thanks for letting me know that anything and anyone could change and get better after some time. Most of all, thanks for caring for me, going to look for me and stopping me from jumping off the cliff and wasting this beautiful life of mine. Everything has got better now. Although my mom is still constantly drunk and my dad hasn't got his job back, there have been fewer arguments between my parents. Fortunately, I have got a part-time job in a supermarket downtown. The wage is enough to temporarily support my family when we're trying to overcome this. I really hope, no, I'm sure that we'll be able to do it soon. No matter what happens, I'll never give up my life again - never again. With best wishes, Carol P/S Mr Briggs, smile more often, you look great when you smile! ...read more.

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