Live your life, be free! How we can make our lives better in some easy steps (Writing to inform)

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‘Live your life, be free! How we can make our lives better in some easy steps’

Hi, I’m Mike Smith, a fifteen year old student living in London. I try to make the most of life, and I think that everyone should do as much as they can to make the most of a life they can only have once. I’m here to give some advice on how we can all make our lives better, by following some easy steps.

The first thing to do is to always figure out what you enjoy doing the most. This may be a hobby you have, a particular interest you have, or literally anything. This is important in order to develop your own skills for later life, skills which can be used and applied throughout your daily life such as in your job. For most people, salary is a key factor when choosing what job they apply for, but many people do not actually enjoy their jobs. Can just earning a good salary really make our lives better? We need to live happily, without stress, and the best way to do this is to do what you enjoy the most.

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Another great way to make your life better, as many people say, is to widen your horizons. This means experiencing the most of what life has to offer, including travelling to see new sights, finding out what is popular with other people in media such as music, or even just talking to new people. Doing this will broaden your outlook on life, and also open up many new possibilities.

Have confidence in yourself. People who have confidence in themselves are able to succeed, no matter what difficulties they may face. Take Richard Branson, for example, who suffered from dyslexia ...

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