Lord of the Flies Savagery vs Civilization

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                                   “Lord of the Flies” Project

  Q. 10. Select one of the following themes for detailed discussion: savagery versus civilization, power, leadership, authority, conflict, the problem of evil.

                                                 Savagery versus civilization

             Civilization and savagery are both major themes in this novel “Lord of the flies”. As the novel progresses there is conflict between the human impulse towards savagery, and the rules of civilization, to try and prevent it. Golding gives an image of destruction “coarse grass, torn everywhere by the upheavals of fallen trees..., behind this was the darkness of the forest”, this adds to the dark and savage side to the island. Throughout the novel Ralph tries to establish rules, moral codes of English society and he tries to protect the good of the group, while Jack and his group of “hunters” revert back to a savage state after he kills his first pig. In this fable Ralph represents order and leadership, while Jack represents savagery and the desire for power.

             Both Ralph and Piggy are symbols of civilization in the novel. When the reader is introduced to Ralph, he at first seems like a carefree child, he develops throughout the novel to bring civility and stability to the group. Piggy is also a symbol of civilization as he constantly reminds the others about the hope of them being rescued, before Jack turns the rest of them savage.

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               When Piggy discovers the conch, he decides to get Ralph to use it, to call an assembly if there are any more survivors on the island. As the “littluns”, Jack and his choir arrive at the assembly, their initial decision is to make someone a chief, and they do this by having a vote, as in a civilized society. After this Jack and his choir are given the role of hunters, which gives him purpose, to do something beneficial and constructive to the rest of the group. Ralph gave him this ...

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