Love in “Let me not”, “First love”, “My last duchess” and “Porphyria’s lover”

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Love in "Let me not", "First love", "My last duchess" and "Porphyria's lover"

In this essay I will be discussing the views of love which are presented in four different poems. I will be explaining each poem in detail and I will also compare and contrast the ideas about love made by the poet. The four I will be comparing are

"Let me not"

"First love"

"My last duchess"

"Porphyria's lover"

I noticed that the theme love is commonly used in all the poems. Each poet writer has a different view on love. The language used by each poet differs.

In the poem

"Let me not" written by William Shakespeare. This is what we call a sonnet. This is sonnet number CXV1. This poem is also a rhyming couplet and the rhyming scheme is ABAB CACA EFEF GG this poem contains four quatrains. The main theme about this poem is true love. In this poem Shakespeare is using language and describing the effects of love. He said love conquers time he also says love does not die as you get old. The poem is trying to get a message over to the reader. I think it may be that true love never ends. At first he portrays that he believes in strength and true love. Secondly he uses metaphor images.

"Though Rosie lips and cheeks"

This is an example of metaphor. In this quote I think he is trying to point out that there is more than a physical side to love. He used metaphor to describe lips.

In the third stanza Shakespeare uses personification to emphasise the use of humanity. Shakespeare has personified time; he uses time as an example. To me I think he is trying to say that just because we get old it doesn't mean that love dies away too. I think that this poem is different to the others we studied because this poem is about true love which conquers the inside of you. The use of hyperbole has an impact as the effect is very imaginative and makes you feel and imagine what true love is about.

In my task I am going to compare "let me not" with "first love" I think this a good poem to compare with because "first love" is the love we don't forget whether it's true or not. The poem "first love" is about a love which struck painfully. John Claire uses a lot of meaningful words which have a strong impact towards them. The words felt real and the words used were strong. As I was reading the poem I noticed the 4th line. This line showed first feelings
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"Stole my heart away complete" this line was very strong which I think meant that it was love at first sight and that she is the only love he has fallen for. I think it seemed that he had never felt in love with someone as much.

"Seemed midnight at noonday"

This could mean that he was so in love it blinded him and he could not tell between night and day. He described that his love was strong and his blood was burning of love. He felt that his heart was taken away and he ...

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