"Love or Loathe" TV Adverts

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Price-comparison Adverts—Eternally Destined To Fail?

In life, there are some things that simply never work out well; things that–no matter how much time, effort and money are put into them–are eternally destined to fail. Things like the jokes you’re forced to read out from Christmas crackers, sparkly vampires, X-factor finalists and adverts for price-comparison sites. Especially adverts for price-comparison sites. I’m sure everyone could think of at least a few examples; the fat tenor, Gio Compario, from ‘GOO COMPAAARE!’ immediately springs to my mind, along with Confused.com’s Cara Confused and the oh-so-cute Aleksandr Orlov of Compare the Market.

Yeah, that’s right, I dared to dis’ that overly-popular, globally-adored, annoying Russian rodent perpetually frustrated by us idiot internetters mistaking his rodent-prostitution website for a similarly-named price-comparison website. I mean, come on! Yes, meerkat are cute, and I appreciate the pun was vaguely amusing at the start but surely we should have gotten over that by now? Have we really turned into the sort of audience who will remain continually entertained providing a cute, fluffy mascot is pushed in our faces whilst the company completely brainwashes us? Within the first couple of advert breaks Aleksandr had already converted endless numbers of minions to go around saying ‘simplez!’ like it’s somehow hilarious. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he started bribing more innocent TV veiwers to join the other ‘simplez’-minded minions with stuffed meerkat toys, creeping into our houses in the dead of the night and shoving the wretchedly fluffy things under our noses. Is no-where safe from the wrath of Aleksandr Orlov?

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Someone else who seems to be everywhere now is Go Compare’s Gio Compario. Every channel, every single advert break, there he is; I doubt there’s a single soul in the cold universe who hasn’t at least heard of him. But is Gio Compario really as bad as everyone seems to think? Public opinion is often terribly misguided—it has to be or else One Direction would be dead by now—and if Compare the Meerkat was horribly over-rated then I think it’s fair to say that Go Compare is unfairly over-hated. At the end of it, I kind of felt sorry for ...

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