Mid Term Break

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Thomas Brown 10R2

Mid Term Break

'Blah' 'Blah' 'Blah' was all I could understand as I gazed out of the open class window. I was in a total state of lapsed concentration as my physics teacher, Mr. Ripley, chattered on about the electromagnetic spectrum. Even the attraction of a couple of minutes out of class to see the headmaster didn't disrupt my thoughts. When, after the fourth attempt of trying to catch my attention, a senior teacher tapped me with his distinguished finger on my alarmed shoulder and I finally sat up and took notice.

The classroom went silent and I sensed everybody's eyes turning to me. I turned bright red and my hand trembled as the teacher handed me a note informing me I was to see the headmaster. I wondered what I had done and so did most of the class I realized as the whispering and sniggering started. I went down the corridor sheepishly to the head's office. He was waiting at the door for me. By the expression on his face he didn't seem angry, more worried and I was soon to understand why.
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In the next few minutes my whole world fell apart. In as gentle a way as possible, he broke the terrible, devastating news that my younger, much loved brother had died in tragic circumstances. Oh! No it can't be true! They've made a mistake surely! I cried. I couldn't believe that I would never see my brother again. Never kick a ball about with him again. Never share a joke again. No rough and tumble any more and nobody to share life's ups and downs with through the years. The head, trying to be as sympathetic as possible ...

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