Middle School should have lockers. Do you ever wish you could leave your backpack at home one day?

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Diablo Vista Should Have Lockers!!

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Adya Roy 2nd period

Are you irritated with recalcitrant back pain? Have you ever wondered why? Do you ever wish you could leave your backpack at home one day? Day and night, parents receive complaints about their children’s backpack being too heavy. Do they know that these complaints increase visits to the chiropractor’s which translates as increasing medical costs? This is why I feel that Diablo Vista should provide lockers.

Lockers can make our three years at Diablo Vista an enjoyable time for our spines. For example, on Block days, we have half of our usual classes. To keep our backpacks fairly heavy on regular days, all our classes share a common binder. Hence, even on Block days, we still have to lug around that one, big, old, fat binder. If we had one binder per class in our locker, our backpack would be as light as a feather. It has been scientifically proven that most teenagers slouch because of the heavy backpacks they carry. Equipping our school with lockers would undoubtedly reduce the constantly increasing number of slouching teenagers. A locker would also be helpful for special items you need for only one or two periods a day, for example, your calculator or graph paper.

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I often notice that many students run out of binder paper or lead. If we were to keep extras in our backpacks, they would get unbearably heavy. With a locker, one could actually stock up on paper, lead, etc. That in turn would reduce the number of times you’d have to depend on your classmates for these necessities.

An average family spends a lot on backpacks. My family, with two kids, buys about four to five backpacks a year. Doing the math, it adds up to about a hundred and twenty dollars to a hundred and fifty. Although ...

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