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Montana 1948

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"Why? Are you telling me this because I'm Frank's brother? Because I'm your husband? Because I'm Marie's employer...or because I'm the sheriff?" So many titles, so many morals and so many boundaries' that could be crossed at anytime. What is Wes to do when confronted by his conscious and his fathers pressing opinions? The Hayden family has been given high honours within their county. Relationships that can cause more trouble and intertwined puzzles that only a Sheriff with; courage and bravery, can solve in the pressing times of the summer of Montana 1948. "You don't lock up your brother. A respected man. A war hero." There are many times within the text where we see how Julian's comments can create pressure on Wes to break the law and hide the truth from the community. This is shown when Wes has his brother, Frank, locked up in the basement of his home and Julian comes over and orders him to let Frank go. In this instance we see that Wes is more so a child to Julian than a Law Enforcer. ...read more.


One of these is that of conveying information to families of their loved ones deaths or accidents. Wes is shown as a strong character and deals with his job and family in two different mind frames. This is seen when Wes overcomes Julian's comments about Frank being everything that he wasn't and, "that fucking uniform". Julian feels that if Wes was in uniform then he wouldn't be arresting his brother over something as petty as this. The law is confronted and challenged in many ways in the text. The death of Frank ends up solving most, but not all of Wes' confrontations. Julian also gets his way to a point; he still has his untainted family name and is happy that Frank died with his high esteem and social standing. All of which involve Wes and his relationships with different people within the County. Having the job of county sheriff passed down from father to son, the relationships the Hayden family has have great influence as to what is going to happen within the county. ...read more.


Frank being the respected war hero and doctor from their family for the county, nothing was seen to be wrong with Frank or his doings in the county. Until Marie Little Solider spoke up at this point Frank felt he had to do something about it before his reputation became tainted. This brings us back to Julian and his reasons for his pressing comments to Wes. As to the question asked in the start of this essay, what is Wes to do when confronted by his conscious and his fathers pressing opinions? You can see that Wes overrides his fathers words and does what is right, but in the end the death of Frank does solve their problems and so Wes and his conscious are left with some doubts thus they leave Mercer county. The relationships between families, brothers and sons are sometimes compromised because of the high standing the Hayden's in the county. You can say that Julian did have an impact on the book but in the end got his way because the family name wasn't tainted with rumours or accusations. ...read more.

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