My Choices for Room 101

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Traffic Wardens:.

The first thing that I would out into room 101 is the money grabbing, cold-hearted, kill joy mugs. These people walk around, head down, scribbling away in their nasty little books, feeling proud of ruining yet another innocent person’s day. If you haven’t guessed yet, I am talking about the selfish traffic wardens. 99.9% of vehicle/car owners don’t even realise that they have done anything to deserve a parking ticket! How would you like it if you had paid for a 1hour pay and display ticket and you came to your care at 1 minute past and a warden was stamping the sticky yellow piece of paper on your windscreen?. For arriving at your car one minute late you have to pay a massive fine of £30. Right, imagine this. You have just had the most wonderful day out with your family, and you all had a good time, suddenly you walk over to your car to find the dreaded yellow ticket. The smiles have now hit the floor. But wait, you check your paid and displayed ticket and you are back before the expiry why are you getting charged? Then you read the note... You put your parking ticket on the wrong side of the windscreen. How can there be a right and wrong side to put a paid and displayed ticket? As I said before, selfish, and the wardens get a little gold star off his boss!!So, I am sure that you will agree with me that the only way to avoid getting a parking ticket is to leave you windscreen wipers on full speed when you leave your car

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Katie Price:

Speaking about brassy and common, it would be rude not to mention the queen of brassy and common; “Jordan” aka Katie Price. Without a doubt I would send this excuse of a woman to room 101. Every time I step into a newsagents or corner shop she is on the cover of “Ok!” magazine, why? Why is somebody so talent less so vulgar and so disgusting branded a “celebrity?” The lengths she will go to for money makes me want to vomit and question why she’s so popular. She continuously puts her children in the spotlight and exploits ...

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The Quality of Written Communication is fine for the most-part, though there are some discrepancies. It should be noted to all candidates for GCSE - especially English Language candidates - that colloquialisms and shorthand is not permitted at any time unless it is being quoted from a source. "Tele" is not the correct way to write "television". Most exam board will permit "TV" but not "tele" and the candidates need to be aware of using the appropriate Standard English at all times in their answers.

The Level of Description is very good. It is very apparent from all the candidate's descriptions that they have a seething hatred for traffic wardens, Katie "Jordan" Price and TV advertisements. Again, there are little discrepancies that examiners will pick up on and so this reflect in the rating I gave - discrepancies such as the reuse of adjectives which can sometimes give the impression the candidate has limited vocabulary. Other than that, there is an excellent selection of three items that the candidate would banish and they have employed a number of linguistic devices like triples, statistics and powerful language in order to best implement their argument.

Although this answer appears to be written the wrong way around, with the candidate writing in the middle of their answer "The first thing I have chosen to talk about as something I hate most is adverts.", this candidate's answer adheres well to what is required of all candidates answering a Writing to Describe task. A common creative writing piece for GCSE is "What you would put in Room 101" and I think I speak for many when I say this candidate has chosen some very worthy contenders for Room 101. I like the way they ideas are expressed although an examiner may argue the narrative voice of the first idea (traffic wardens) is slightly too sardonic to effectively transmit a lot of the humour that is there.