My Experience of Immigration

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                             Immigration as a Arrival      

I think that   Immigration cause some sort of trouble in England however could be also very beneficial for some countries.

Could be because people could learn more about other culture and understand better differences between other countries. It also helps to better understand the world without actual travel to it.

I am not a politician but I am an immigrant myself and I can see why for some counties it is a big issue. I came to England 5 years ago and I was amazed by the culture and beautiful landscape. Therefore I decided to stay here and settle down .the main reason why was because I can mix up with other cultures. I also been very inspire to learn languages I don’t know if is because I did have to learned English and its just a easier for me to learn other language or its just a desire to communicate with people in their own language.

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I actually never leave anywhere else a part from Brighton so I can’t really say how life looks like in other part of the Britain but, I can definitely say that I was amazed about Brighton and how cosmopolitan city it is.

Well unfortunately I have to point out some disadvantages of Immigration. First of all their too many people on that little Island so we all might thing that their is not going to be enough job vacancies for everybody. Another big issue is people think people from other part of the world might be a big competitor to ...

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